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The E-learning Course is offered free of charge to all the registered users. This course will give users a solid knowledge base on disseminating financial literacy, which helps to address demand-side barriers as this makes customers informed and enables better financial decision making and ultimately financial wellbeing.

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Money and Transaction

Financial Planning

Financial Safety Nets and Insurance

Balancing Risk and Rewards


Retirement Planning

Regulation and Consumer Protection

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Our Programmes

Financial Education Programme for Adults (FEPA)

The Financial Education Programme for Adults (FEPA) was launched by the NCFE in the month of September 2019. FEPA is a Financial Literacy Programme designed and implemented to spread financial awareness among the adult population such as Farmers, Women groups, Asha Workers, Anganwadi Workers, Self Help Groups, Employees of Organization, Skill Development Trainees etc., This programme is conducted in line with the targets of National Strategy for Financial Education and the focus have been given to Special Focused Districts (SFDs). This programme expects to substantially contribute to NCFE’s vision of a “Financially aware and empowered India”.

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Financial Education Training Programme (FETP)

FETP is an initiative of the NCFE for providing unbiased personal financial education to people and organizations for improving financial literacy in the country. NCFE has been conducting FETP for school-teachers, who are teaching students in classes 6 to 10 across India. The program, based on two pillars; education and awareness, aims to establish a sustainable financial literacy campaign that can empower people’s lives. After completion of the training, these teachers would be certified as ‘Money Smart Teachers’ and would facilitate the conduct of financial education classes in schools and encourage students to obtain basic financial skills.

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Financial Awareness and Consumer Training (FACT)

Globally, youth are becoming financial consumers earlier in their lives than ever before and making financial decisions (credit cards, education loans) that can have lasting consequences, if not well managed.

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Money Smart School Program (MSSP)

This is an initiative of the NCFE to provide unbiased financial education in schools for improving financial literacy which is an important life skill for the holistic development of each student. The program is based on two pillars; education and awareness and aims to establish a sustainable financial literacy campaign that will empower an entire generation.

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National Financial Literacy Assessment Test

Financial literacy is a core life skill that focuses on knowledge, behaviour and attitude required to make responsible money management decisions. In 2005, the OECD recommended that financial education start as early as possible and be taught in schools.

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