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Financial Literacy Initiative undertaken by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority of India (PFRDA)


PFRDA has launched a dedicated website called "Pension Sanchay" in 2018. Through this website, PFRDA aims towards addressing the need of financial literacy from the perspective of retirement planning. The content of the website has been designed keeping into view the four most important concepts in financial decision making- knowledge of interest rates, interest compounding, inflation and risk diversification. The website has separate blog segment where blogs written by the professionals in the financial sectors and the officers of the Authority are made available which provides meaningful insight regarding the fundamentals of finance, banking and investments.


PFRDA conducts subscriber awareness programs through its central record keeping agencies at different places across India. Further, PFRDA also has empaneled a dedicated training agency for creating subscriber awareness and capacity building regarding the NPS and APY. In addition to the above, PFRDA also conducts Annuity Literacy Program in co-ordination with NPS Trust and Annuity Service Providers for making subscribers aware about the different annuities available to them.


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